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   Despite the best intentions of the professors, tutors and medical faculty, somehow medical school just doesn't prepare you to be a doctor. Over the years many of us have compiled a list of tips, shortcuts, cheat-sheets, summary tables, or whatever you call it to speed us along the way. While most of it is on the 'net nowadays (Dr Google anyone? ;-) it's sometimes just nice to have a little piece of paper you can whip out from your pocket faster than the COW can turn on. :-)
   Unfortunately, since it has been many many (more than 15!) years since he graduated, most of these, especially the fine details are hopelessly out of date (and quite likely inaccurate!). While the general principles might still hold true, it is best you check with your immediate seniors, tutors, and of course the official sources.
   If you have any contributions (no matter how small), suggestions (no matter how stupid), or find any mistakes (no matter how minor), just drop me a note by clicking here!! It's fast, easy, and you'll be helping zillions of housemen and residents who may even worship the ground you walk on forever and call you guru! (And if you believe that, you've obviously done one call too many :-)


  • HOs Survival Guide by Fong Sau Shung [MS Word]  /  [PDF]
  • Hospital Drug List [05 May 2013][MS Word]   /   [PDF]  /   [PDB (old version)]
  • First-line Investigations[02 Apr 08][MS Word]   /   [PDF]   /   [PDB (old version)]
  • HO/MO Guide to X-ray investigations
  • Bloodtaking, the Theory - A comprehensive document about practical venepuncture.

    GP and Locums, Residents and Specialists

  • Obs & Gynae (O&G) - Obstetrics & Gynaecology First Line Investigations and Drugs  [MS Word][01 Nov 07] (By Leyland Chuang, Lim Baoying and Joel)
  • Paeds - First-line KK Paediatric investigations [2001][MS Word]
  • Paeds - Paediatric Drug list by Lester Leong [2005][MS Word]   /   [PDF]
  • GP - General Practice / Family Medicine / Locum Clinic Drug list - Full [MS Word] [2013]   /   [PDF] ** NEW **
  • GP - General Practice / Family Medicine / Locum Clinic Drug list - Short version [2013] Coming Soon

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