Medical Book Stores in Singapore
- Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Allied Health (Physio, OT, etc) -

Medical Bookstores in Singapore

Science Faculty
Below Lecture Theatre 27 (LT27)
(5% discount for co-op members)

Opening hours:
NUS Term Time
Mon - Fri : 8.30am to 6.30pm
Saturday : 9.00am to 1.00pm
Closed Sundays & Public Holidays
NUS Jun-Jul Vacation
Mon - Fri : 9.00am to 6.00pm
Closed Sat, Sun & Public holidays

Yun Nan Book Store
(Aka Yunnan, Yunan Bookstore)
(Info may be wrong - please check)
Blk 231 Bain Street
Bras Basah Complex

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 10am - 6pm
Saturdays: 10am - 6pm
P G Books
(Aka PG Bookstore, PG Book Store)
402 Orchard Rd
Delfi Orchard
6737-2165, 6733-4854

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat : 9.30am to 6pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

ResearchBooks Asia (Novena)
10 Sinaran Drive
Square 2
(Opposite TTSH, Above Novena MRT)
6252 5575
Whatsapp/Sms +65 9644 3488
Website: www.ResearchBooks.Asia

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat : 11am - 7pm
Sundays : 12pm - 6pm
Cynthia Yeow
Blk 936 Hougang St 92

Freelance (Not a shop):
Call or email to order
(Thanks Franco and Siang Hui
for the info!)
Others sources
1) Kinokuniya - Has a surprisingly large collection of "real" medical books (look near the fossil section).
     Prices vary widely, so do compare around, but if you're willing to wait for a "20% off" weekend... :-)
2) Seniors - Best! Cheap, tested, and may even come annotated! They won't offer, so you have to ask.
     Tip: Try the MO(S) or Registrars who just passed exams.
3) Online websites (Amazon, etc) - In my personal experience, so-so.
     Pros: Can get any book in the world. Shipping may be cheaper if ordering in bulk.
     Cons: Can't get cheap "International" or "Asian" Editions. Postage usually kills you. Can take forever to come.
     Alternative if you can't find a book here: Get the co-op/yun nan/PG/RBA to bring it in for you.

Personal notes :
  1) ResearchBooksAsia: Doctors and nurses enjoy a 8% discount.
  2) NUS Co-op: Usually the cheapest of the lot, and members get a 5% discount.
  3) ResearchBooksAsia: The outlet at SGH has closed.

The above information has been provided by other sources, and may be outdated, inaccurate or maybe even plain wrong.
In other words, check the opening hours and store locations before you go down, and don't chase me for a refund if you don't get your discount...
Declaration of interest: I am a co-op member (but my dividends are donated ;-) I have no affiliation with the rest of the stores.

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