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   Dr Gerald Tan, bids you explore 100-acres of medical school, HO-MO-hood, post graduate medical education and health care in Singapore.

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So you wanna be a medical student?
Medical Student Wannabes
My advice: Quit while you still can.
Duke, NUS and NTU Medical Students
NUS Medical Student
Medical Students
School info and exam questions.
(NUS YYLSOM, Duke-NUS and NTU-Imperial College students all welcome!)

House officers and Medical Officers
Healthcare Heroes
aka HOs, MOs, Registrars and Residents
(Hattip: nurses,therapists,radiographers, HCAs,PSAs,pharmacists, etc)

Post-graduate medical education
Post-graduate Medical Education, Traineeship, Residency and ACGME
...or whatever they call it nowadays
Poohbear the radiologist
(Disclaimer: I am affiliated with the NHG-AHPL Residency Program)
S'pore 3M Healthcare System
Eeyore's opinion on the
Singapore Health Care System
Comments on Singapore's healthcare,
hospitals, clinics and doctors.