Year 3 Medicine End-Of-Posting sample MCQ

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1. All reflexes are absent in brain death except
A. corneal reflex
B. gag reflex
C. oculocephalic reflex
D. deep tendon reflex
E. pupillary reflex 

2. Symptoms of anorexia nervosa include
A. hypertension
B. avoidance of fruits
C. diarrhoea
D. increased activity
E. mild fever

3. The following is not found in chronic liver disease.
A. basophilic stippling
B. macrocytosis
C. target cells
D. thrombocytopenia
E. leukopenia

4. Causes of massive splenomegaly are the following except:
A. kala azar
B. malaria
C. chronic lymphoid leukaemia
D. myelofibrosis
E. infectious mononucleosis

5. The following is a upper motor neuron sign.
A. fasciculations
B. clonus
C. muscle wasting
D. increase abdominal reflexes
E. flaccid paralysis

6. The following are causes of pancreatitis except
A. alcohol intake
B. mumps
C. cirrhosis
D. hyperparathyroid
E. hyperlipidaemia

7. The most common location of a tumour in the large intestine is
A. rectum
B. sigmoid colon
C. descending colon
D. transverse colon
E. ascending colon

8. The most common symptom of an ascending colon tumour is
A. iron deficient anaemia
B. change in bowel habit
C. small bowel obstruction
D. frank blood per rectum
E. intermittent obstruction of large bowel

9. The following is a cause of gynaecomastia
A. phaechromocytoma
B. Addison's disease
C. digitalis
D. chronic renal failure
E. chronic bronchitis

10. The following are features of extra-articular rheumatoid arthritis except
A. pleurisy
B. colitis
C. pericarditis
D. scleritis
E. cutaneous arteritis 

11. The following are causes of pleural effusion except
A. asbestos exposure
B. squamous cell carcinoma
C. systemic lupus erythematosus
D. cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis
E. pneumococcal pneumonia

12. A collection of sputum of more than 50 ml over 24 hours is suggestive of
 the following except
A. chronic bronchitis
B. bronchiectasis
C. alveolar cell carcinoma
D. diffuse interstitial fibrosis
E. cystic fibrosis

13. A 15-year-old patient comes in with gross painless haematuris one day
 after sore throat and unproductive cough. The following is a possible diagnosis:
A. IgA nephropathy
B. urinary tract infection
C. post-streptococcus glomerulonephritis 
D. renal stones
E. systemic lupus erythematosis

14. The following are signs of post-streptococcus glomerulonephritis except
A. hypertension
B. hypoproteinaemia
C. acute pulmonary oedema
D. granular casts

15. Pyuria found in all the following except
A. renal tuberculosis
B. renal artery stenosis
C. analgesic nephropathy
D. renal urothialitis
E. chronic pyelonephritis

16. Bilateral lower motor neuron lesion of the facial nerve can be caused by
A. infective polyneuritis
B. disseminated sclerosis
C. tabes dorsalis
D. craniophargioma
E. Menieire's disease

17. Below are signs of hypothyroidism except
A. deafness
B. hirsutism
C. menorrhagia
D. carpal tunnel syndrome

18. The following statements are true about Grave's disease except
A. pretibial myxoedema may occur
B. it is caused by antibodies against thyrotrophin receptors
C. treatment for Grave's disease may not necessary lead to improvement of the opthamoplegia
D. there is reversible motor neuropathy
E. may present as apathy and depression in elederly

19. The following are effects of autonomic neuropathy of diabetes mellitus except
A. diarrhoea
B. postural hypotension
C. alcohol-induced flushing
D. impaired symptoms of hypoglycaemia

20. Hypokalemia can occur in the following conditions except
A. hypomagnesia
B. renal tubular acidosis
C. vomitting
D. gentamicin toxicity
E. nifedipine toxicity

21. A 24-year-old diabetic present in coma with rapid breathing.
 His biochemical data is as follows:
Na+ = 125 mmol/L
Co2 = 6 mmol/L
Urea = 10.2 mmol/L
Glucose = 35 mmol/L
Possible cause of his hyponatraemia is 
B. Pseudohyponatraemia
C. Anterior pituitary insufficiency
D. Adrenocortical insufficiency 

22. Intracerebral berry aneurysms can cause the following except
A. headache, neck stiffness and loss of consciousness
B. unilateral ptosis
C. unilateral or bilateral 6th nerve palsy
D. isolated facial nerve lesion
E. subhylaoid haemorrhage on fundoscopy

23. Malabsorption of fat occurs in
A. giardiasis
B. salmonella infeciton
C. cholera
D. Yersinia enterocolitis
E. Amoebasis

24. The following are causes of diarrhoea except
A. hypothyroidism
B. pancreatic islet cell tumour 
C. ileal resection
D. ethanol abuse

25. The following are causes of malabsorption except
A. Crohn's disease
B. ulcerative colitis
C. Whipple's disease
D. coeliac disease
E. abetalipoproteinemia

26. The following are signs of infective endocarditis except
A. anaemia
B. splenomegaly
C. systemic embolus
D. deep vein thrombosis
E. Osler's nodes

27. The following statements of shock is true except
A. mostly commonly occur in subacute bacterial endocarditis
B. haemorrhage and massive vomitting cause shock
C. instrumentations of the urinary tract in elderly can cause shock
D. can be due to low cardiac output due to an acute myocardial infarction

28. The statements below about dengue are false except
A. antiviral agents are effective against dengue
B. disseminated intravascular coagulation is common
C. increase atypical lymphocytes on peripheral blood film
D. vaccine is available
E. a patient can only get dengue once

29. The muscular complications of thyrotoxicosis are as follows except:
A. myasthenia gravis
B. opthamoplegia
C. periodic paralysis
D. myotonia

30. The following statements are true about Mycoplasma pneumonia except 
A. community acquired in young people
B. erythema nodosum can occur
C. aseptic meningitis can occur as a complication
D. cold agglutinins can cause hemolytic anaemia
E. usually treated with erythromycin

1 D
2 D
3 A
4 E
5 B
6 C
7 A
8 A
9 C
10 B
11 D
12 D
13 A(!)
14 B
15 B
16 A
17 B
18 D
19 C
20 D
21 B - can't dx SIADH in abN fluid state
22 D
23 A
24 A - Islet cell = Zollinger Ellison Syn
25 B
26 D
27 A
28 B
29 D
30 B

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